Spime, thinglink and a language for lifekludging

Todays RocketBoom just had a little piece on spime.

Just had a lovely 30minute Brain Massage courtesy of this podcast of Bruce Sterling’s Emerging Technology Keynote on "The Internet of Things". LearnDog and LifeKluger need to engage the services of a cunning linguist like Brian who can articulate our profundity.


Go and listen to the podcast NOW and think about the way LearnDog and LifeKludger are trying to change the world.

Marvel over the use of new terms like:
http://ullamaaria.typepad.com/hobbyprincess/2005/11/what_is_a_thing.html(short, long, special)

Imagine a world in which Dave no longer bothers to keep track of where he put things, or where he found them – ‘I just google for my mouth-stick in the morning’ His life is simple, immediate, at ease in materiality.

From:This week Bruce Sterling’s Emerging Technology Keynote on "The Internet of Things" is the sole segment in our program. (DTF 03-15-2006: 30 minutes 13 seconds)

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