Daves TabletPC review is getting noticed

For all the right reasons…

My buddy Dave (LifeKludger) Wallace wrote a great review on the TabletPC from his perspective as a C4 Quadriplegic.  Not only is it a great review but Dave’s ‘can-do attitude’ and ‘wired to be a mechanic’ gifts shine through.  For me this is even more encouraging than the significant achievements of getting the device in the first place and being at the top of tech.memeorandum over the weekend – both of which are results of Dave’s online community building through his effective use of blogs and podcasts.

Dave’s review should be required reading for all Occupational Therapy (OT) students (see to it Mandy!).

The work of LifeKludger should be required reading for all Government agencies around the world who deal with people who have ‘disabilities’.



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