Any LifeKludger s at Maker Faire?

Any LifeKludger s at Maker Faire?

This post by the hobby princess reminds me that a key to LifeKludger work will be retaining the sense of fun and playfulness.  As did yesterday’s RocketBoom that featured the Seattle robot wars!!

Maker Faire: " has now been officially launched! Thanks to everyone who came to meet us and test thinglinking at Maker Faire. There are still many details to be improved on the site but it has been an encouraging start. We’ll be doing our best to improve both the design and the functionality.

It’s not often that you attend fairs that captivate women, men, children, techno nerds, knitters, scientists, DIYers and artists alike. My personal favorites were the Play room and Swap-O-Rama-Rama. Many thanks to the Make: team, who did a fantastic job organizing the event!


Tantek Çelik and I at the Thinglink stand.


(Via HobbyPrincess.)


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