Extraordinary new podcast launches on TPN

Yes its official – I am part of a real show on the world’s finest new media empire!!
Check out the (new) media release HERE!
Our pilot episode-000 went live while Dave and I were presenting our now famous talk at the ConnectingUP conference last week.  Just haven’t had time to share the great news with yall.  So, what are you waiting for? – get off your arse and subscribe to the show now at:
We even have our very first ‘fan mail’ from ‘COTTON’.  It would appear that this was the very first podcast that former piano-man Clay Cotton listened to.  (I know he listened because he commented on my guitar playing).  More on that interesting connection later.
UPDATE: Just got off skype with Clay Cotton – he is indeed a former musician, wheelchair bound due to Multiple Sclerosis who connected with our podcast because our stories overlap.  Stay tuned to future episodes for excerpts from our chat.
The Extraordinary Everyday Lives podcast is hosted by Dave Wallace and Mike Seyfang, two Adelaide dudes who like to talk with people about their strategies for getting through the challenges of everyday life.

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