LearnDog contract finishes May31

Yesterday I was formally advised that my contract for LearnDog will expire next week.
It is one of those ‘mixed blessing’, ‘learning experience’ things that I am still emotionally processing.
I will get back in a day or two with a gushy, long winded post about how significant the last year has been for me etc. etc.
For now, I just feel crushed.
I suppose I should be looking for ‘a real job’ – but changing the world has been so much more fun.
<<<insert animation of puppy building a cocoon, hibernating and emerging as a beautiful flying pig!!>>>

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2 Responses to LearnDog contract finishes May31

  1. Unknown says:

    Uncle MikeOur lives are strangely in parallel… Uncle Nick is having a mid-life crisis and considering a 6-12 month LOA to rebuild lost skills and refind myself. (after a short, strange and unexpected illness)New red car and new fast laptop should give you an indication of other symptoms.I note that you’ve recently sold your hotrod.Nick

  2. Unknown says:

    hey Mike, sorry to hear that the bold experiment has been cut short but
    I’m sure the creative process won’t stop here. You’re just getting
    started. These days, when hit with a seeming setback, I ask myself "how
    can I turn this event into a positive?" and watch the brain re-route
    itself. Call me, it’s time for a chat.

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