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Winners Hotline 0284042236 phone scam .au

Today I missed a (1 second) call on my vodafone prepaid mobile. So I called back and guess what http://http://media.mikeseyfang- a marketing scam. Search on the following: 0284042236 phone scam .au So, I recorded this little podcast of what happens … Continue reading

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Things are gunna CHANGE around here!

Have you noticed my NEW BLOG? I plan to do most of my posting over there – subscribe to and you will always be reading the latest from me. Fang – Mike Seyfang

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LookWhatIHeard005 – Education BIG ideas thinking out loud

Here is a mashup of me thinking out loud about two important podcasts – one from the NetSquared conference, the other from Stephen Downes.  Somewhere in my brain an idea is perculating around the interesection of mass deployment of 100 … Continue reading

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Its Sunday

And I’m sitting inside at a computer.Time to go outside and download a life.

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Remote Controlling Macs

I am helping my friends Andrew and Steph with some techno-geekery before they head off overseas to live.  I have set up their lovely new MacBookPro with all the goodness I can muster and have one last task before I … Continue reading

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Lets debate a great paper on Social software and learning from FutureLab

This great paper ‘washed up onto my beach’ via edna. I want to open up a debate about it with the eduauweb2 community – let’s see how we go.Social software and learning – An Opening Education report from Futurelab By … Continue reading

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