Connecting via Blog & Podcasts talk – Twice this week

Dave (LifeKludger) Wallace and I gave our infamous ‘Building communities through weBLOGS and PodCasts’ for the eTeachers at TSOF on Monday and will be delivering it at the Barr Smith Library at the University of Adelaide tonight.
Monday’s presso was really tough – the room was so hard to ‘work’! As usual, I made a podcast of the talk using my cheapest iRiver and Coathanger.


Here are links to talk materials and podcasts that we have made each time we do the talk:
PodCast from CU06 – Hyatt Ballroom May 1st, 2006.
PodCast from TSOF – Jims Wonderland (room 1.41).
PodCast from Barr Smith Library – to the ALIA and ALLG

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