BIG Ideas on Education brewing in my brain

The podcasts I have been listening to this week are making my brain spin.  This post is an attempt to both clear my mind and help me synthesise the ideas by thinking out loud.  So here goes…
Educators of the future will ‘find’, ‘connect’ and ‘engage’ with students online.
You can blame Stephen Downes for dangerous ideas like:
‘ ‘ –
‘life began when my grade 10 teacher got me journalling’
‘you can learn a lot in a multi user dungeon’
The $100 laptop for every Kid will be an inflection point for these educators of the future.
– if these things are deployed in large quantities in 2008 I hope LearnDog will be there to offer free recognition services to the kids who get these machines and connect with educators.
– large scale deployment of internet connected laptops to kids in isolated parts of the world will be very disruptive.  No hierarchy to subvert, less barriers to grass roots ‘bottoms up’ ways of learning.  Could this be a ‘flashpoint’ for educators to find new ways to reach, connect and engage a new group of learners?
– as Michalis Bletsas of One Laptop per Child ( says – there is a chance to leapfrog the last two centuries of what the developed world had to do (ie send our kids to a physical place to learn – wasn’t that to keep the urchins offthe streets of london?)
Both of these things are very LearnDog!
– When we started LearnDog we were thinking ‘old media’ and ‘search engines’ (so kids could fiind us)
– Now we have shown that LearnDog can ‘find’ kids, connect with them and engage meaningfully
– I do hope we have infrastructure and funding when the next big inflection point arrives
Identity Management and Dynamic Proxy Configuration:
Will be the most powerful tools the hierarchical ‘establishment’ will have to maintain control.
– While sitting in a room full of teachers who are working hard to understand and utilise centrally provided e-learning tools it became painfully obvious that the most powerful thing the ‘Department’ can provide is Dynamic proxy (or firewall) configuration driven by a directory of staff and students.  More on this topic later!
I hope to update this post with clearer thinking and possibly even a mashup of the audio that has kept me awake these nights.
Fang – Mike Seyfang – LearnDog

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