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blogging by a ‘Masterclass’ with Barbara
and James
. The masterclass was a great event moderated by the
inimitable Michael

still no podcast!
but Audio/Video available for download from:

I woke up with these phrases rattling round my brain this morning:
– mother blog
– blogs work because they are centered around a person
– blogs can be subverted
– culture of forgivness rather than permission
– everybody has at least one book inside them (and for 90% of people that’s exactly where it should stay)

I began to get frustrated because I couldn’t refer back to any audio or notes from last night’s talk – until I found this:

Magnificent example (modelling) of what Barbara and James were talking about, note the ‘immediacy’ (near real time posting, while ‘in the moment’), first person stlyle ‘Tomorrow will feel quiet when I’m talking about…’, personal nature and connectedness of Barbara’s post.


Audio and slides will be made available a.s.a.p. if you find em before
I do – let me know where and I will share the location. Well worth a
listen out for gems like:

Blogs work because they are centered around a person

Mike Seyfang


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