Children of the MotherBlog

Children of the MotherBlog
Thanks to Barbara Ganley my mind is churning with ideas around the ‘Motherblog’. Her talk to the participants of a ‘TSOF Masterclass’ was most illuminating and extremely well timed. You see, that very day I had been involved in the creation of no less than THREE ‘group blogs’ on James Farmer (founder of tore himself away from his day job and spoke from his deep understanding of ‘why this stuff really works’, explaining that blogs work because they are centered on a person. I was starting to feel uneasy about the three ‘group blogs‘ because none of them are really centered on a person and unless something special happens they are likely to bear very little fruit.

That is, unless they spawn ‘children’.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is precisely my hope. If you are reading this because you are working with me on any of the projects that involve:

Then I hope you will have a go at creating (or reviving) a personal blog and find a way to let your ‘motherblog’ know that you exist. If you don’t know how to do that then leave a comment here or send an email to mike.seyfang at and I will help you. Maybe over time, we can borrow from Barbara’s ideas, and with the help of James ‘subvert’ the use of these edublogs so that instead of degrading into discussion boards they blossom into something much more beautiful and fruitful.

Mike Seyfang


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2 Responses to Children of the MotherBlog

  1. Unknown says:

    Hi, Mike. Really appreciate your comments on my blog and it was great to catch you the other evening at the Masterclass. Had to resurrect my own Hotmail address (dates back to 1996!) in order to comment here but I thought you might like to know that your links to the edublogs mentioned aren’t working – there are bloglines bit stuck in the URL. Checked them out  (after URL editing) though – felt like I was snooping in on the eTeacher training even though I wasn’t chosen to be part of the project! Sure to be connecting with you a lot more from now on – cheers!

  2. Fang says:

    Thanks Graham – I forgot the http:// bit so the links were relative.  Fixed now, thanks for noticing.

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