UncleNick hits Ctl-Alt-Del

After 20 years of damn near continuous up time, the most esteem-ed munge brother Uncle Nick has given himself the three finger salute!

After weighing up these conundrums,
I’ve decided to spend the next 5-6 months "rebooting", "reseting" and "reloading", prepapring for the next 20 years. Slow down, smell the roses. Look back and look ahead.

Damn fine idea dude – do what you gotta do, you will know when you know.  When I decided to step off the corporate merry-go-round, one of the first ideas I had was to find a cause (mission from God) worthy of getting the MUNGE BROTHERS (band) back together.  I reckon I’ve found it, but all the pieces ain’t quite in place yet.

Time is one thing I do have, so when things quiet down a tad get in touch old son.  (There is always room for scarlett under the fang carport). 

And remember – when you step off the merry-go-round ya gotta run like buggery for a while.



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One Response to UncleNick hits Ctl-Alt-Del

  1. Unknown says:

    Thanks for the thoughts, UncleMikeWill have to step back into the Corporate Buzi-ness world in 5-6 months; and the fear of "no income" for this time is a little daunting – but feasible. Getting excellent support from my current employer on this (so far) – so the future isn’t as bleak as I thought a couple of weeks ago.The "list" of stuff ("projects") to do offline is growing in my head. So much has happened whilst I took a little diversion from the OldUncleNick path.My question on your LearningStuff is "what is the world’s creative potential if all kids are connected?"  It’s not so much copy-and-paste; nor "instant 21st Century penpals" — how can kids be more creative, and not let technology (Windows, web, etc) get in the way?SCRLTT will be staying in Sydney — she’s a keeper!

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