Lets debate a great paper on Social software and learning from FutureLab

This great paper ‘washed up onto my beach’ via edna.

I want to open up a debate about it with the eduauweb2 community – let’s see how we go.

Social software and learning – An Opening Education report from Futurelab By Martin Owen, Lyndsay Grant, Steve Sayers and Keri Facer

quote:"In the technological arena, we are witnessing the rapid proliferation of technologies which are less about ‘narrowcasting’ to individuals, than the creation of communities and resources in which individuals come together to learn, collaborate and build knowledge (social software)."

and:"1.1 What’s going on? The following scenarios illustrate instances of social software use that, though fictional, are not only possible, but likely to be happening now."

I found the ‘What’s going on’ scenarios particularly good at describing some of the potential of social software to newcomers.  But I really don’t get the ‘c-learning’ idea.

My pompous academic review…  It is beautifully structured and has a nice ‘vibe’.That’s why I like it – because its nice.

Fang – Mike Seyfang – LearnDog

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