Remote Controlling Macs

I am helping my friends Andrew and Steph with some techno-geekery before they head off overseas to live.  I have set up their lovely new MacBookPro with all the goodness I can muster and have one last task before I give the little beast back:

Find the smartest way to set-up for remote desktop control over whatever internet connection they end up with.  I dug thru my delicious tags for some howto information on VNC server and viewer applications.  The article referenced from macdevcenter is very thorough and a little bit dated (the best hints came from a comment).  I tried a few things and quickly settled on the simplest, cheapest combination of built in stuff from Apple and a single download.

Simplest, Cheapest.
Download ‘Chicken of the VNC’ free opensource viewer.
OSX newer than 10.3 has a built in VNC server that’s activated in:
System Preferences
-> Sharing -> Apple Remote Desktop -> Access Privileges ->
VNC Viewers may control screen with password.

Works a treat on the LAN – would need to fiddle with firewalls, routers etc in the field.

Smartest – Timbuktu.
For $200usd you can buy a ‘twin pack’ of Timbuktu Multi Platform (with $50 rebate for skype users).  It is both VNC server and viewer in one AND supports a ton of smart connection methods that get thru firewalls etc.  The smartest being thru a skype call (others include e/mail invite, ILS, Bonjour, addresslist).

Have signed up for the 14day trial and will check it out.


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