My involvement with GlobalSummit06 (repost from my main blog)

Reposted here due to Technoraiti invisibility of

For some months now, I have been trying to ‘infect’ (and anyone else who will listen) with the web2.0 virus.  Here are a few of the things that are beginning to grow out of that effort:

rss feed: – nice n short, subscribe and enjoy the goodness

Podcasts (post produced & published within hours – awesome work Kerry)

Community of unauthorised bloggers (championed by Al Upton via the GlobalSummit06 tag)

Corporate Blog (great work De and Nick)

Photos (flickr tag, group and pool)

Videos (Leigh Blackall upped the ante with his lunchtime interview and rehearsal on

Edna (structured summary via group which is unfortunately locked to most of humanity, but still add value to the chaotic fragments of all the stuff mentioned above)

I say, ‘good on ya’ to for having a go.  Lets keep working on this stuff from both perspectives – Top Down and Bottom Up.

Fang – Mike Seyfang

<a href="; rel="tag">GlobalSummit06</a>

> href="; rel="tag">GlobalSummit06


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