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OhMyNews and the Daily We

Update:My four minute mashup of hilites from Dan Gillmor’s piece of this talk are now available for your listening pleasure. (Thanks to the kind folk at NetSquared for fixing their podcast licensing). Listening to *this great podcast from the netsquared … Continue reading

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Let me preface my remarks by declaring my bias – I want zune to succeed because: I used to work for Microsoft and know some dudes involved   I am proud to have played a small part in this product … Continue reading

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Shh-Shut up and point

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CreativeCommonsDRM-This is getting recursive

  Beth Kanter [BY-NC-SA] has just posted a fantastic and eloquent summary of the ‘CreativeCommonsDRM’ conversation to date – You MUST READ IT ALL.  What I am enjoying about this conversation is the variety ways those involved are licensing their … Continue reading

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UncleNick rolls his own E.R.P.

When the time came to prepare my first invoice I thought seriously about using one of those free online accounting services but settled for an excel template instead. But not UncleNick – oh no – HE architects an E.R.P. system … Continue reading

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my NOISY Aussie blog!

According to the folk at my (old MSN Spaces) blog is one of the TEN NOISIEST blogs from Australia.  (Number 9 in fact). Now before we drown in our own self-congratulation, lets think about what this statistic really shows: … Continue reading

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Im a happy Internode broadband customer

Why? Is it just because I pay considerably less than I used to with Telstra for an ‘equivalent’ service? Is it because this ‘equivalent’ service dobules the monthly download quota (20gb) before shaping takes place, is much faster for downloads … Continue reading

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