Cam talks to David Evans on Gday world


First news from Web2.0 Conference HERE and HERE (not terribly flattering but…)

Take a listen to THIS episode of Gday world – in which Cam has a chat with fellow Adelaideian – David Evans of Digital Monkey / In The Chair fame. As I imagined, Dave and Cam got along well as they shoot the shit about their respective ventures, Adelaide, and the up-coming Orielly Web2.0 conference.

For me this is a great example of the connectedness that can occur in the ‘Web2.0 world’. It was Cam (who’s podcast from Demo a few years back) who introduced me to David’s work. I co-presented with David in Adelaide a few months ago. David could possibly help Cam out with his SanFran connections. The three of us have never been in the same room at the same time – interesting.

Anyhoo – Dave, I hope you can help Cam out with his efforts to raise cash via a US base – and good luck at the Web2.0 gig.

Fang – Mike Seyfang


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2 Responses to Cam talks to David Evans on Gday world

  1. David says:

    Mike – You’d think that Cam, the rockstar of Aussie Web2.0, wouldn’t need my help. His vision of the future of audiovisual media consumption on the web has always been sharp. They’d be fools not to throw money at him. That said I’d offer Cam any help he thinks I can give!
    Looking forward to that coffee when I’m back in Adelaide.

  2. Fang says:

    Thanks Dave – lemme know when you are approaching Adelaide next!Fang

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