my NOISY Aussie blog!

According to the folk at my (old MSN Spaces) blog is one of the TEN NOISIEST blogs from Australia.  (Number 9 in fact).


Now before we drown in our own self-congratulation, lets think about what this statistic really shows:

1. Not all blog platforms are equal.

MSN Spaces have outrageously good google juice, work as expected with and are highly visible in  Other blogging platforms I have tried are not, and my hosted wordpress blog is practically invisible to everything except basic google searches – no matter how hard I try to make it otherwise.  If you look closely at my msn spaces blog you will see that I did not post there between June and November 2006!

2. Your best content wont always be the most popular.

My most profound blog posts happened at (which is currently invisible because nobody is paying the bills) – even Darren (problogger) gave me link love over some of those old posts.  My most substantial network of subscribers is based around my blog (which as mentioned above is practically invisible to all metrics – including google analytics).

3. These Top 10 lists are always dodgey.

While it’s fun to see how big your blog willy is compared to a bunch of random bloggers, the blogosphere, like life is not as neat and tidy as bean counters pretend it is.  There isn’t that much science behind any form of measurement of this chaos.

4. Life isnt fair.

Get used to it.  If you want to build a business based on your blog – choose the platfrom carefully, minimise the number of working parts and instrument carefully.  That way your measurements will be as good as possible.  Then start to worry about what you will post, and how you will build your audience.

Fang – Mike Seyfang


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