OhMyNews and the Daily We

My four minute mashup of hilites from Dan Gillmor’s piece of this talk are now available for your listening pleasure. (Thanks to the kind folk at NetSquared for fixing their podcast licensing).

Listening to *this great podcast from the netsquared conference back in May, a couple of phrases stuck in my head and got me thinking.

The Daily We – more than ratings, need reputation. More than my news from a variety of RSS sources, helping each other bring the good stuff into view – tools like ratings and reputation need to be enhanced, we need to work together.

OhMyNews.com – v.successful Korean news hybrid. A very successfull (and sustainable) platform for citizen journalism that will challenge your views on the western world.

I just spent the last several hours splicing the long (90minute) talk into more manageable chunks but strangely NetSquared are preventing me from publishing the remix because of their use of copyright on the podcast.

Fang – Mike Seyfang

* More info about the podcast, a recorded session from the netsquared conference, ‘Session: From a Voice in the Wilderness to the Wisdom of Crowds: Citizen Journalism, Nonprofit Organizations and Social Change


Conference Notes HERE.

Fang – Mike Seyfang


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