A (rainy) day on the (drought-ridden) green

Just about to jump in the car and head north to Clare so we can check out some live music outdoors at the ‘day on the green’.  The Pretenders are the headline act but I am more interested in catching the Church live.  The plan is to drive up, have a few wines and just sleep on the local football oval under the stars – pretty safe bet for this part of the world at this time of the year (after all we are in drought and have been on water restrictions for months).  

Here is the funny thing.  Extended 4 day weather forecast said ‘Monsoonal Rains from the north’ and the concert tickets say ‘no BYO or Umbrellas’.  Sure enough it has been hot, sticky, wet and the rain has been persistent for the last 24 hours.  But at least it aint windy.  Here is the ‘warnings’ section of todays forecast:

A Flood Watch has been issued. 
A Severe Thunderstorm Warning is current for the Pastoral and Flinders
A Gale Warning is current for the West Coast south of Elliston, southern Spencer
Gulf, South Central Coast and South East Coast north of Cape Jaffa.
A Sheep Graziers' Advice has been issued for Central, Murray and South East
districts for Saturday evening and early Sunday.


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