Miles post surgery weekend update

Jamie and his mum have just been to see Miles in hospital today (Sunday 21) – his first weekend after neurosurgery.  According to the doctors, today marks the beginning of the recovery period in which each day is a bit better than the previous.

Jamie says Miles is in good spirits but gets tired easily.  The swelling in his face as reduced – in fact he looks a tad mal-nourished.  He is proud of achievements in ordinary things like standing, walking and not having seizures.  This is all good news, the risks diminish each day.  He hasn’t lost too much hair and has a long bandage covering a scar that should be pretty impressive.

We hope Miles will be allowed out of hospital around Tuesday – we will let you know when he gets bored and is looking for visitors.  In fact, it would be helpful to try and co-ordinate visits, so please call the Seyfang house for suggested times / groups.


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