Young fighter packs a punch of positivity

Anyone looking for a role-model in how to deal with adversity?

Want to be convinced that postitive attitudes and lots of effort can make a difference?

When I dropped Jamie off to spend the day with Miles yesterday I felt that I had been through a time-machine.  The photo above was taken exactly a week yesterday – a pre-emptive head shave prior to surgery.  Turns out that the mohawk is not a bit more extreme and the 32 staple scar looks like a bloody great nasty question mark.  I suggested a quick trip to the airport to frighten the security guards at the metal detector before the staples are removed – the reply being that there is no rush because the rivets in his skull would still set off the alarms!!

After Miles answered the door, we stood around talking for a while – what were we doing this time last week?  Answer: we were in the surf at Middleton together on a stinking hot day thinking how bizzare – in the waves less than 24hours before major surgery.  That event seemed like an eternity ago.

So what did the boys do for an entire day, less than one week after the surgery?

They played music, and chilled out, like usual – and were thrilled to confirm that the freakish ability to play drums, guitar, whatever is still there.  It was on report of that news yesterday that I finally ‘exhaled’ for the first time in many weeks.  Jamie says it ‘was pretty sweet, still exactly the same sort of drumming and everything – and that felt good’.

So with that milestone under our belt I am pleased to announce:

Happy New Year!

With a hearty round of applause for team Sly and the supporters.

Fang – Mike Seyfang


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