Captains Jamie and Miles

Just returned from the kids school where a small group of  thrilled and exhausted parents had the joy of watching their son’s introduced as music captains for 2007.  Our pride was mixed with a range of emotions – capped by gratitude that Miles could be there to mark this very special beginning.  Less than a month ago, none of us dared entertain the thought of year 12!


Here is the latest word on Miles from his dad:

Thanks to all for the continuing tide of messages offering your support and
care. Miles has completed a speedy recovery. Next week, he’ll be back at
school to start his full year of Year 12 studies. I have to pinch myself to
believe this is actually happening.

Last Tuesday, only 12 hours after coming home from hospital, his main
partner in musical crime Jamie Seyfang came over and they attacked the music
room for a heavy 2 hour jam session; none of this easy stuff, of course. Nah
– full tilt wild jazz improvising at breakneck speed and difficulty levels.
Sweetest damn noise I ever did hear – ample proof that all Miles’
coordination skills and improvising instincts have not been affected in any
way. Relief.

By Wednesday, he was already getting restless and went shopping with Inga
and Lucas for school books. And a trickle of friends have been coming over
since, filling the house with laughter and happiness. Miles is radiating joy
as life moves forward at a good pace; he is certainly faring much better
than mum and dad, who are now wrecked and ache with weariness.

Pictures tell a thousand words, so I’ve attached a couple of shots of the
wound, which ain’t pretty, but healing so fast and is mostly cunningly
disguised under the mop of hair. The staples come out today; onward, upward!

And tomorrow Miles makes a brief visit to school for the first assembly of
the year, to accept the honour from the principal of Immanuel College music
captain for 2007. This – coupled with meeting the Governor in a fortnight to
accept two merit awards for perfect 20 scores in the Year 12 Music Solo
Performance and Ensemble Performance subjects that he did last year – are
going to be wonderful celebrations for all of us. That he has come through
such an ordeal with such good grace and courage is the mark of a rather
special young man; that he has outstanding talent to back it up makes us
proud beyond words.

To have received such overwhelming messages of support, hope, love and care
from so many people only emphasises that Miles has already made a
significant mark on so many people. And now, the journey continues…

With love
Dave, Inga, Lucas – and Miles


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