Uploading to iDisk without my mac

So I’m at the upconf2007 without my own computer (trusty olde mac) and I need to upload files to my .mac iDisk.  No problem, I event bought the windowsxp iDisk installer on a usb stick and it installed OK.  Here’s the trick, when run for the first time the iDisk utility says ‘additional entry to hosts file required’.  After ignoring that message (and turning off windows firewall) I find I cannot mount my iDisk – fails after long timeout.  Apples support database shows how one can enter a url for the iDisk in ‘add new network place’:
Try using a different URL to connect to the iDisk. Instead of using "http://idisk.mac.com/username", use "http://idisk.mac.com/username/?".
Trouble is, when using add network place wizard the authentication fails due to some UI code looking issues. 
I got around this by:
Start->Run->http://idisk.mac.com/username – the authentication UI works and you get a web view of the folders with a little ‘upload button’.
Fang – Mike Seyfang

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