My Podcasting talk at UpConf2007

Today I presented my introduction to podcasting talk TWICE at the Microsoft Unlimited Potential Conference in Sydney.  I recorded the audio on my trusty iRiver ifp880 and it is uploading as I write this post.  The first session focussed almost exclusively on how to find and subscribe to podcasts.  The second one looked briefly on how to make your first podcast (a blog with an .mp3 attachment) and included a brief session at the flip-chart workshopping strategic applications of new media:


Links to the audio I plan to play during my talk, notes, and the powerpoint slides.

Enjoy Fang – Mike Seyfang

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One Response to My Podcasting talk at UpConf2007

  1. cameronreilly says:

    God this blogging platform SUCKS ASS. Anyway… I hope TPN got some plugs!

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