Have you subscribed to me?

If you are reading this in an ‘rss reader or aggregator’ Congratulations!  (especially if you managed to figure out how to do so after hearing my talk at upconf2007).  If not, that is your challenge for this week – find an rss reader (aggregator) and subscribe to http://feed.mikeseyfang.com and two or three other blogs that interest you.  (hint: start with live.com, sign in with your liveid, and add my feed).

I would be happy to help any of the upconf2007 delegates via e/mail or even phone if you are stuck.  You can get my contact details from my website:


Fang – Mike Seyfang


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2 Responses to Have you subscribed to me?

  1. Collingwood UPC says:

    I’ve done the live.com one. Not the cleanest interface, but pretty cool all the same consider live.com is a search page. Seems more like a portal, with all the links and feeds. Might try feedreader or bloglines next

  2. Fang says:

    good one Matt. Stick with live.com for a while if you can – at least as home page / portal with some key RSS feeds. DOnt forget google reader as you try out other online aggregators.

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