Another work of Art boxed and ready to ship

Spent Saturday morning in Rick’s workshop helping to prepare his latest sculpture ‘Rondo 1’ for shipping to an exhibition in Western Australia. The more time I spend in Rick’s workshop, the more I think we need to make a video blog about the process of building, shipping and showing these large metallic sculptures.

Dave (LifeKludger) Wallace has been mucking around with some artistic ideas in Second Life. In fact, Dave used a photo of one of Rick’s pieces to experiment with some ideas and push the ‘licensing’ issues forward.

I hope to get Rick over to my place and record a podcast of Dave showing us around the Second Life art world. Watch out for it over at TPN.

I wonder what Pete Cogle and Beth would think about this interesting connection with sculpture and emerging technology???



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One Response to Another work of Art boxed and ready to ship

  1. Dave says:

    So…where can we see what Rondo 1 looks like unboxed?

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