Space Telephone with Reverb

Funky and a little bit spooky.

UPDATE – here is audio Snippet in case you can’t handle the whole episode.

Our Space Telephone shout out to JP has been bouncing around rather asynchronously and seems to be getting a life of its own.  Last night I got an e/mail saying it turned up on DSC561 – so I threw it up iTunes and listening in the background on the nice speakers.  Curiously the show was recorded from New York after a visit to ‘Wilmington’ – which is interesting because that’s where Dave Slusher (originator of the Space Telephone meme) was on the same day – Spooky eh?

AH – about 18mins into the show a clip from Suffolk N Cool (where Pete Clitheroe reaches out) is played as a ‘promo’ – could just call the guy, space telephone, I’m in…

The funny thing is that JP has made contact via Dave’s blog, I think Dave is waiting on an e/mail reply to schedule a synchronous chat for our podcast.  But that is the Reverb bit – we just have to wait for the echos to decay away…

email via Pete Cogle – Don’t know if you’ve caught up yet, but I jus heard Peter’s extra space telephone MP3 go out on Adam Curry’s DSC#561, and Adam did say he could "just call the guy". This confirms my suspicions that Adam and JP must have crossed paths at some point. It’s only a matter of time now that JP hears that on DSC I’m absolutely sure!

Fang – Mike Seyfang


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