Tune into the Geek Stories

WHAT: Nick Hodge’s work video blog which is part of Microsoft’s on10.net network.

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WHY: This is an important experiment by Microsoft in (re?) connecting with geek communities and interested fringe dwellers. Nick is pushing some interesting boundaries in his quest to make deep connections with with an entire world of geeks. Oh, and because Dave (LifeKludger) Wallace and I are on the latest episode (which is rather long at 30minutes, but who knows, maybe someone will make a shorter remix?

Here is a little behind the scenes peek at the making of:

The Geek Stories: David Wallace the Lifekludger

Nick and I headed out to Dave’s place late Monday morning for a bit of a chat before shooting. I really wish I had recorded the audio of that conversation, which was somewhat rambly but covered some very important ground. As Dave says ‘people connect when stories overlap’ – and it was fascinating to think back on how our stories have overlapped over the years.

Interesting inflection points around such important milestones as:

  • The Apple Macintosh
  • Modems
  • The World Wide Web
  • The Read/Write Web

In fact, the next three days in Adelaide provided us with some rather bizarre connections from many years – right back to the people associated with that first Macintosh in 1984/5.

Fang – Mike Seyfang


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