My Mum and Dad’s GOLDEN (50th) Wedding Anniversary

WOW – my parents have been married for 50years. How cool is that??

UPDATE: Click HERE for YouTube video (17mb).

In order to mark and celebrate this magnanimous achievement I have raided the family archives to put together this little collection of memorabilia. I hope it kindles some very happy memories and inspires some new happy outcomes.

Two dashing young individuals on their honeymoon:

The most recent photo of the happy couple on file:

(at home in Unley SA)

Hope at our recent Christmas party:

(my place in Glenelg SA)

Kevin at the ‘Drift’ racing last weekend:

No tribute to my family would be complete without my own kids – who have been lucky enough to spend heaps of time with their grandparents. I grabbed a handful of happy snaps from moments we have cherished together:

(the last one with Jamie holding a paintbrush is from an ancient quicktime movie in which Jamie is saying ‘draw nana hope’ – which causes her to tear up every time we have played it over the last 10 years). Hope and Kevin have spent alot of the last umpteen years supporting us and our kids and have been regulars at sports days, music events and generally have been there anytime when we have needed them. I hope they know they are much loved by Mandy, Jamie, Jemma and of course me!

So there we have it…

Some of the fruit o the past 50 years. Good onya mum and dad – thanks for all you do, now get off your arses and do some celebrating!!!

Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary Hope-n-Kev from your loving family.


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