ANZAC – I’ve been subverted

ANZAC – I’ve been subverted

While I was taking a break and showing my support at the Hilton RSL club in Adelaide, Uncle Dave and Uncle Nick figured out a way to record the extraordinary every day lives podcast without me! We would refer to this as ‘subverting the hierarchy’ – something I like to do and talk about, so I guess it is fair enough that it should be done to me.

Actually I’m really proud that Nick and Dave teamed up to find a better way to record skype calls. The audio quality is better than what we have achieved with all my fancy gear for the last couple of shows.

HERE is the show, THIS is what Nick said and THIS is what Dave said about their mungely subversion.

This is what I was doing:


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One Response to ANZAC – I’ve been subverted

  1. Nick says:

    yes: UncleDave and I got that ANZAC larrakin spirit and subverted the hierarchy. I was a hoot. Interesting times, these interesting times.

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