Dominos misleading Pizza ads


Just saw the offending ad on T.V. – fineprint says minimum 3 medium pizzas, pick up only.  Thanks a lot you sneaky mongrels!

Last night, the kids and I were sucked in by Domino Pizza’s TV ads offering medium size pizzas for $4.00. We were tired, cold and hungry and decided to invest our last ten bucks in a pair of these tasty sounding treats – one vegetarian for Jamie, and a BBQ chook one for Jem n me. The kids teamed up to find the number, make the call and place the order. When Jem got off the phone she said it sounded like the cost would be twenty bucks. I thought she must have heard wrong or ordered party size instead.

rip off

But oh, no, when the delivery dude arrived with his two tiny boxes (one pictured) he demanded TWENTY TWO DOLLARS FIFTY for the two $4 medium size pizzas. I’m waiting for the ad to come back on TV so I can record it and share the fine print bastardry with you (bet the offer is for pickup only or some such crap)

Sucked in, ripped off. Thanks Dominos.


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One Response to Dominos misleading Pizza ads

  1. Jack says:

    Thanks for pointing that out , their Ad nearly got me too, settling for a spud instead, cheers

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