AFOI – Drought Proofing Australia podcast – Adelaide Festival of Ideas 2007

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Drought Proofing Australia: Heroic Fantasies and Sobering Realities

Peter Cullen

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Listened to this one in the car while running kids around on school hols. On the advice of a mate in the know, I have now downloaded each session featuring Peter Cullen – and I’m glad I did. This session starts with a glowing introduction from Prof. Mike Young (who I podcast a few weeks back for livinglaboratories). Peter quickly and eloquently brings his wealth of experience (some as a thinker in residence right here in Adelaide) to sharp focus in some clearly memorable points.

Firstly, the last 40 years have been unusually wet. The recent trend to call each dry year a ‘1 in 100 year drought’ is bloody stupid. Secondly – try to imagine a city where only air comes out of the taps. Thirdly any remediation that will prevent air from coming out of our taps comes with a high energy (and therefore greenhouse) cost. We need a portfolio of balanced remediations that will be sustainable in times routinely dryer than the past 40 years. There are some great plans on the table, plenty of money sloshing about and unprecedented agreement in government – we need to pressure for quick and smart implementation – NOW!

I will continue to point to the sessions I have listened to, but
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