Had Lunch with Ferris Bueller today

He said ‘Hi’ to UncleNick.

(We should talk about the future, with all these connections to our past)

Now that Nick has proven the power of web2.0 to Paul by correctly responding to this cryptic post, I will explain what’s going on. 

But first – Uncle Nick – was I dreaming or did you blog, twitter, facebook or some other thing a reference to Ferris / or other Immanuel College days sometime in the past week or so?  (I went looking but could find nothing).  Do you recall?

Anyhows, back to the story.  Several months ago I crashed a local meeting of the Water Industry Alliance in search of contacts who might lead me toward paid work in the field of biotech, nanotech or materials science.  One of the people I was introduced to there was Paul Dalby – an extremely bright chap who seemed interested in my rants about web2.0 and its potential value in these fields.  After a coffee or two, and a couple of pro bono workshops, Paul and I have been engaged by some very interesting clients who are looking at podcasting as an intro into the possibly boundless opportunity of new media.

As the podcasting work is beginning to bear fruit, interests are turning toward richer media including video.  Over a very pleasant lunch to discuss ways an means by which we might expand successfully beyond my comfort zone, some very interesting history was revealed – leaving me with a very profound sense of slightly altered dé·jà vu.

Rewind to 1990 Random Access:

  • Mike and Nick start to play with digital video editing and think ‘one day we will make a living from this’
  • CSIRO actually pay mike decent $ to make trips to Sydney and explain our findings
  • Mike, Nick, Charles and Luke play with this thing called an ‘internet connection’ and after sniggering at the fruity names of NNTP groups declare ‘time for a daily news service’
  • Charles produces ‘Daily Notes’ and we sell the service to a very happy KPMG exec

Fast forward to the lunch table

  • Nick Hodge / Geek Stories gets mentioned as e.g. of new media beyond podcasting
  • Paul (with CSIRO connections) announces he went to school with Nick and interacted with his blog recently
  • Stephen Downes (OLDaily) newsletter is discussed and Charles Hart comes to mind (where is he?)
  • Most of my income over the past 12 months has been from seeds that were sown in 1990

The key difference?

The WEB is finally beginning to live up to some of its ‘Bigger than Guttenburg’ hype (thanks John Sculley) because it is now READ / WRITE.

It’s uncomfortable being ahead of your time.  Its a real pain going broke in your idealistic self righteousness.  It’s nice being shown to be right all those years ago.  It’s even nicer getting paid well and giving great value to clients doing interesting and meaningful work based on those early insights and skill developments.  NOW is the time for the Munge Brothers to untie.


Fang – Mike Seyfang


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5 Responses to Had Lunch with Ferris Bueller today

  1. Nick says:

    The world, and Adelaide, is a small place.   Hi Paul!

  2. Fang says:

    Ah – faith in the munge brotherhood restored.  Well spotted UncleNick.  Check the update to this post for some interesting news / possibilities.

  3. Nick says:

    Paul left at the end of Yr11 from Immanuel. We all missed him.  Paul was the coolest, funniest guy in the year. Irreverent, self-opinionated, but my god was he funny. As funny and mecurial as hell.
    Paul always reminded me of Ferris Bueller. The guy that would have a teacher wrapped around his finger as he was smart; and in the same sentence bring them back down to earth with teenage angst and truthful biting humour.
    Like most things from our youth; time colours our memories – and I always felt a little "on the outer" with Paul; only because his IQ actually matched his ego. A rare combination when you’re young. 

  4. Nick says:

    On MungeBrother’s untying…. hmmm.  There are lots of Web2 pplz out there. Lots. All are attempting to make income consulting to big customers on how to web2.
    I reckon that some of the base "naked conversations" and "95 thesis" are a little broken; and the legal system we live in is brokener.
    So I am playing it safe and watching the world go by from the comfort of a company that is at least trying.
    Pays the bills, and I reckon there’s a book in this somewhere 

  5. Unknown says:

    Adelaide is a very small place indeed. That was a lot of nice things to say Nick, thanks. Although, as I was such a humble young man, I presume you mean my IQ was very low. I’m disappointed in you Nick. I’ll have you know that I got mostly A’s in year 11.I’m interested in your views on commercial opps with web2. I reckon its got some attractions when bolted onto something else that is substantial. Where there is real content that has a demand but where current information distribution systems are clumsy and create an "inefficient market". All of my clients are interested in sharing ideas on saving the world but find it difficult to access and share high quality information. Most of web2 is shit. Really shit. The quality is so low, it could sit on a bus ticket and still dangle its legs (M. Luscombe, 1983). Can you show me some good sites where people who have a serious concern are meeting, sharing ideas and information and as a result, are improving the way things are done? I want to do that.

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