After enjoying some great wines…

Since Mandy has already published this magnificent photo of me I thought I would offer an explanation. We had just enjoyed a wonderful meal and some fine wines courtesy of eddy dave and myself. My contribution was an 02 Elderton Command Shiraz from the barossa (yes Cameron, I decanted it for a good 2hrs). Dave bought a really old (Wynns from memory) cabernet and Eddy cracked open the 95 eileen hardy shiraz that Verity won on Wednesday night at a school function.

Eddy bringing lemon grass for tea

Eddy served up an awesome rabbit dish that had been cooking slowly for an extremely long time. It was all so good that I cannot remember the name of the stunning dessert wine with which we capped of a splendid evening. (If anyone remembers, please leave a comment on this post).


Applaud Cameron for the Command having a lovely seamless, silky palate, beautifully integrated meld of restrained oak with dark, intense fruit and notes of pepper poking through. Very rich and satisfying.
2007 Jim Barry Watervale Riesling – sublime lime oil and minerality with a tight spine of acid.
1998 Wynns Coonawarra John Riddoch Cabernet Sauvignon – great wine with just the right amount of age on it, smooth and lush. Shows that great cabernet is always a highlight.
Desert wine – Mt Horrocks 2007 Cordon Cut Riesling
As wine wanker Sly has written for SA Life: This is one of Australia’s remarkable sweet white wines – and the harsh growing conditions of 2007 somehow worked in favour of this unusual wine production technique. Stephanie Toole cuts the canes off her riesling vines in Auburn when the grapes are ripening, then allows the fruit to remain on the vine so that the sweet flavours concentrate while the berries dry like raisins. The resulting viscous dessert wine is a heady meld of intense flavours – honey, vanilla, brown spices, mandarin oil, lemon zest – though the sweet fruit is smartly balanced by drying mineral characters (also a pronounced feature of Mt Horrocks’ standard riesling wine). A perfect partner for crème brulee. Screw cap. $35, for 375ml.

Love always, etc

Good times.

Fang – Mike Seyfang.


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