Cancer, Technology and Human Desire

The podcast Dave, Kent and I host exists to explore the interesting stuff that happens a the intersection of Technology and Human Desire.  The podcast leads us to all sorts of interesting connections with extraordinary people living ordinary every day lives.  Last episode was a great example, hooking up with folk from the (ACS) American Cancer Society (who Dave met in Second Life).

Listen to the show (and read the show notes) for the human side.


On the technology side it turns out that recording the audio and chat transcript from meetings in Second Life could be of great value to organisations like the ACS.  Second Life and the intertubes are great for fecking with geography by bringing people from all round the world together but international timezones can be a hassle.  This is where recorded audio, txt and images and the magic of RSS combine to shift time (as well as space).

This was our second podcast recorded from inside Second Life.  Somebody even made me an avatar that looks like a giant microphone! – seated on the red cushion in middle of rug.  I had some last minute resource hassles on one of my computers which caused it to stop ‘hearing’ the audio I wanted to record.  A quick swap of machines at the last minute got us through but left me with a rather tricky experience hearing myself with a long delay and having to chase audio levels all over the place.  The simplest method is to have a dedicated avatar on a second computer sitting in the middle of a group and listening – attach an .mp3 recorder to the headphone jack of that machine and record.

Fang – Mike Seyfang


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