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Night Cart

Last night I heard my mum and dad use the term ‘night cart’ for the first time (that I can recall).  I know about ‘long drops’ (can recall the smell of one from a friend’s beach shack). night cart Originally … Continue reading

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Memories thanks to my father’s flickr

Got a real sense of history through my RSS reader this morning – my dad uploaded a shot of my second car to flickr.  Wow, this brings back memories: herefordOriginally uploaded by fangseniorWhen I say second car, I mean the … Continue reading

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Sneak preview of next Octavio promotional video

Check out Jacob’s youtube for a peek at a draft of a possibly upcoming VAF Octavio promotional video. Look for the one called ‘Music for 5 Octavios‘. only student to get 20 for music technology! Originally uploaded by mandyseyfang And … Continue reading

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Dave has posted episode 041 of our Extraordinary podcast

This week, Laurel was driving the show and introduced us to Ajay – who is doing cool stuff with geospatial technology for museums (and others) concerned with biodiversity. Fang – Mike Seyfang

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Sometimes KIDS amaze me

Check out the funky podcasts one of my kids and his mate have created as part of their christmas holiday work. Their creativity and sense of fun never ceases to amaze me.  Fang – Mike Seyfang

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