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Latest eels podcast – laurel, steph and andrew

Thanks to Dave’s persistence our most recent episode of the extraordinary everydaylives show is up.This one provides some interesting insight to a world I know very little about (except the fear and ignorance the mainstream media would have me know). … Continue reading

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Letterbox bomb – help me track down clues

garden fire Originally uploaded by MikeBlogs Anyone feel like playing detective? I’m guessing the pranksters who blew up my (second) letterbox wont be able to resist posting some form of pictures / audio / video. I’d love to find it … Continue reading

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Nick Parnell on ‘Classical Vibes’ tour April / May

Get along to one of his shows, and buy the CD! Mandy and I will be at the Town Hall on Wed 23rd April if you would like to join us. Fang – Mike Seyfang

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Adelaide Water – 3 months (up to July) to act

Heard something scary and inspiring at a free public lecture on Climate Change last night.I’m hoping the talk will be podcast at the climate2030 site soon.Until then I’m paraphrasing (poorly from a feint memory with no notes). The ‘solution’ talked … Continue reading

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Womadelaide 2008 Podcasts

A little birdy just let me in on the best kept secret in town – there are podcasts from this year’s womadelaide from radio adelaide.Most artists are covered – both interviews and 5-10 mins from their performance.They sound great (but … Continue reading

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Latest eel podcast up

Fascinating chat with Biff from NAKED. A private (social) messaging platform enabling NAKED conversations with REAL Friends. Check it out – it will challenge your thinking on social networks. (it inverted mine) Fang – Mike Seyfang

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