Not quite, but sounds good eh!

Enthusiastically penned e/mail from Dave our drummer:

After opening proceedings in beautiful downtown Mt Barker on Saturday night, the sensational Geezers World Tour continues with a hectic week of activity.

Firstly, the collective Geezers – Rob Strong on bass, Lord Professor Mike Seyfang on many guitars and many amplifiers, "Screaming" Steve Hitchcock on guitars and sweet vocals, Dave Sly on drums, nasty vocals and general blathering into the microphone – go on a long drive to beautiful Wudinna in the middle of Eyre Peninsula on Wednesday night (August 20) on the invitation of Variety Club SA to perform for 300 mad participants in the 2008 Variety Club Bash. We’re pleased and delighted to be donating our services to such a worthy fundraiser.

Next stop on the tour is glorious Nuriootpa, where Geezers play at Elderton Winery for the Barossa Gourmet Weekend, on Saturday August 23 and Sunday August 24, playing more of that irresistible old school rock’n’roll over the very long time stretch of noon to 6pm. That’ll test us. We’ll be pulling out everything we know and then some; blues, pop, rock, disco, reggae, acoustic sets, faux Morris Dancing… Everything is possible. Come to enjoy the fine Elderton wines and food (cooked by The Flying Fish Restaurant from Port Elliot), and hopefully us too. Entry is free; buy food and drinks as you go.

Being match fit, Geezers will roll into Adelaide for another of the legendary Fathers and Sons gigs, in which the old buggers engage in a musical battle royale against their overly talented offspring. It happens at the Brunswick Hotel, Gilbert St, Adelaide, on Sunday September 28. The idea is to fill up their dining room with ravenous punters for lunch from noon, with the music kicking off from 2pm until we run out of songs/energy/audience. Ring the pub now and book a table. You won’t be disappointed.

See you all at one of more of the coming gigs.

David Sly
Slywords – professional writing services
08 8294 3834
Mobile 0417 177 480
3 Inwood Avenue, Glenelg North, SA, 5045

Link to our gigs

Fang – Mike Seyfang


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