Yesterday’s Radio Interview

Yesterday I was interviewed by Ewart Shaw from Radio Adelaide about New Media and my talk at monday’s Wine2030 conference. The interview might go to air on Sunday morning as part of his ‘On Campus’ show. Ewart kindly sent me an .mp3 file of the interview and gave me permission to use it in a ‘New Media’ kind of way. So I thought I would share what twitter had to say about the whole thing:

fang: Yesterday’s radio interview about Wine2030 Conference – (should air sunday)
fang: for those of you who cant get 101.5 fm from Adelaide, will try to get .mp3 for ya
fang: should go to air sunday morning as part of –
fang: just got interviewed by re Wine2030 conference & new media.
fang: rundle mall waiting 4 radio interview


Sundays @ 8.30 am

Key Contact: Ewart

What’s on at the University of
Adelaide? Courses, research, talks, visiting academics
and more, Ewart Shaw presents this half hour show, sometimes
serious, sometimes quirky. Frequently featuring a tid-bit
of perormances from the Elder Con


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