Pledge me this – latest extraordinary podcast

Dave has just uploaded the special ‘Pledge -r- ism’ episode of our extraordinary everyday lives podcast that we recorded yesterday. While I’m normally reluctant to engage in too much self cross-promotion and even more reluctant to ask for money I’m gunna do both for two very important reasons:

Target reached by 25th Nov- excellent!!
Here is the LifeKludger open spreadsheet.
Now what? – Lets think about how we scale this to the next 10 then 100 then 1000 projects. So, If you gave, or even thought about giving how about telling two friends who might be interested in the next projects. You get the idea – networking, social, microfinance.

1. The LifeKludger project has 10days to go in an important micro-financing proof of concept [$10 or more toward a grand total of $120 will be significant]
2. TPN – the podcastnetwork that has long supported our grass-roots media experiments needs significant ongoing funding to keep the doors open

So, please support Dave and I as we try to figure out how to leverage long-tail micro-finance mechanisms to build a sustainable, scaleable business model for the globally significant work of LifeKludger. And, if you care about independent media then take a look at TPN and if you like what you see, get involved through financial support.

Ta muchly
Fang – Mike Seyfang


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4 Responses to Pledge me this – latest extraordinary podcast

  1. Ian says:

    Hi Mike, I see Dave hit his target – weel done to both of you!

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