Connecting via wine and music

It was an absolute treat to hook up with Matt from Kirrihill wines at our Geezers band practice on Thursday night. It shows there can be a ‘social’ side to ‘social media’ and that there are authentic human stories which run deeper than you might imagine. Turns out that Matt is one of the people behind Kirrihill’s ‘Bloggers Dozen’ marketing campaign I participated in a few weeks back – and that he is a frustrated drummer, somewhat bereft of musical outlets since being deported from the old country. Not only did Matt listen to our little ‘wine tasting podcast’ from a few weeks back, but he made contact via e/mail and offered to bring a few more wines to our next practice. Not only did he do that, but he threw in an array of ‘hitting stuff’ and really turned up the heat in an already hot -n- sweaty practice session.

Thursday night band practice

It was an absolute pleasure to get together, punch out some tunes, drink some wine, shoot the shit and hatch plans for a music and wine fuelled assault on the Clare valley. The 06 Cab-Sav from the aforementioned valley was magnificent – the high water mark to date in my limited Kirrihill experience. We still have quite a selection to try from both the clare and langhorne creek – will make sure we feature them at our next parties so you guys can get in on the action.

One day I might try to document the fascinating path that began with a cheeky suggestion at a talk to the wine industry + a tweet from @joolliee .

Some more pics:


Fang – Mike Seyfang

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