Good monday

Morning folks.

Its a wet and gloomy Monday morning here and I’m not feeling terribly motivated with regard to work. So here I am, logged in to my old ‘MSN blog’ and banging out a little personal message to you all. It seems that the immediacy of twitter has taken some of the shine off the blogging experience – which is a pity methinks. Looking back thru this blog, it seems to have degenerated to a promotional tool for my band ‘the Geezers’ with an update frequency of about one per month. As I type this ‘thinking out loud’ post I am reminded that this practice has been replaced by the rapid fire of tweets, 140 characters at a time, or on a good day, a little photo essay in flickr.

So there you have it, my Monday morning thoughts on this 16th day in March, two thousand and nine.

FangMike Seyfang


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2 Responses to Good monday

  1. Phillip says:

    thanks mike. Its cool to share.

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