Geezers rock Clos Clare gourmet weekend

In the words of the inimitable Dave (Slong) Sly:

Clare Gourmet Weekend 2009 had many highlights, especially lazy lunch at Clos Clare winery just south of Watervale, a precious riesling and shiraz vineyard that the Barry family purchased 18 months ago. Tom and Sam Barry – sons of Sue and Peter Barry (managing director of Jim Barry Wines and a dynamic force behind the inaugural Clare Gourmet Weekend 25 years ago) – have made a strong showing with their first commercial release of Clos Clare wines from the 2008 vintage, and also made a fist of the hospitality they offered crowds at Clos Clare winery.

With hand-made pizza being cooked in the winery’s grand new outdoor brick oven, relaxed revellers languished in the fine autumn sunshine – initially listing to the members of Geezers perform an impromptu acoustic unplugged session from the rickety balcony of the beautiful old Florita farmhouse (all rather tidy, considering the marathon 6-hour concert Geezers had turned on at the Clare Showgrounds the previous night), then to the sweet sounds of Ben Kilsby and Luke Nitschke from Adelaide band The Happy Leonards.

Good wine, good food and good music shared among good people – no wonder Clare Gourmet Weekend continues to be an event that sharply defines the region as charming and irresistible.

Fang – Mike Seyfang


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