My LetterBox – a DSLR TimeLapse Video munge

my LetterBox – saturday morning

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This series of images were taken on my Nikon D80 DSLR using a remote time borrowed from Wayne.

I set the camera to shoot basic JPG and copied each set of images to a folder on my Mac. I then used a little automator script to work thru selected items in Finder and resize images to 1920×1080 (HD frame size). I then opened image sequence in QuickTime player and saved as 24fps .mov using Apple Jpeg codec. I then did the tricky edits of still frames using FinalCut Express (a sequence of 1080i50). Teaching myself how to navigate individual frames (arrow keys) Ctrl+V to cut at a frame, Apple-J to set speed (1% or so on an individual frame with frame smoothing creates the ghostly fade). Then I pressed my son jamie to the task of recording the acoustic guitar (after replacing strings he broke) using RodeNT2 and Shure SM57 in Logic Express. Additional sound effects courtesy of iLife 09 Garage Band Sound Effects folder on my mac (spotlight for sound effects and there they were).


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