How to make nice 16×9 DVDs out of a PowerPoint presentation

Ever wanted to make an autoplaying, looping DVD that looks good on a widescreen 16:9 display from a powerpoint presentation slide deck?

Here is a  process in which you can start with powerpoint on a Mac or PC (Office 2007 on Vista PC used for this example)

PowerPoint (Mac or PC):

Design->Page Setup->Custom 27.09cm x 15.24 cm Just like (THIS presentation available from slideshare)

(On Mac powerpoint 2004 check that preferences->Save, Advanced, Resolution Settings is 96dpi – will give confirmation that 27.09cm x 15.24cm at 96dpi is 1024 x 576 pixels) Note – hitting options wll enable you to check/toggle from size in cm to pixels.

Make your slides (with bugger all text boys and girls)

Save As (Other Formats) jpeg (exports each and every slide to a .jpg image of 1024×576 pixels precisely)

Quicktime player (pro) (Mac or PC):

file open image sequence, pick first file in numbered series from the folder created by powerpoint save as

allow 10sec per frame

save as quicktime .mov movie (will use apple jpeg codec by default) expect about 4mb per 100 slides.

iDVD (Mac only):

iDvd new project, 16×9 PAL (Professional Quality)

Drag your .mov to autoplay area in the ‘map’ view

Select that movie and choose options -> loop

Burn to DVD.

All will be good.

converting powerpoint presentation to widescreen DVD format using mixture of windows XP vista 2000 office machines and only one Apple mac OSX with iLife06 or better.

1024×576 DVD PAL


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