Migrating from live spaces to wordpress

This is my first new blog post since migrating my old windows live spaces “Mike’s MSN Blog” to mikese.wordpress.com. The migration process was fairly straightforward, but in my case, did not complete on first try.

I may have deviated off the optimum upgrade path because I chose to take the “Download my blog to my PC” option that copied an 8.4MB .zip file to my mac first.

After that, I was prompted to create a new wordpress.com blog, and luckily, mikese.wordpress.com was available – so I created it. Then I waited.

And waited.

No e/mail saying migration complete (not even in the trash), not step 4 screen with moving progress bar. So I went to bed.

Next morning still no completion and only a “Hello World” post over at my new blog. So, I started the process again, this time electing to migrate content to my now existent mikese.wordpress.com and happily off to step3, then step4 – complete with moving progress bar. Content started appearing almost immediately and the migration took less than an hour to complete.

Not pretty but done!

(and, I finally have a .zip backup of all my old posts since 2005 – something which the shitty old MSN Blogs platform never gave me outside my trusty RSS reader).

Sad that I never got to see my old stats soar past the 200,000 hits mark (because of the removal of stats earlier this year). Shame there is no historical record of activity on my old blog. Good riddance to an inferior platform.

Fang – Mike Seyfang


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