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Kookaburra, old gum tree, lyrics, lawsuit and re-release

A friend mentioned over dinner last week that ‘Down Under’ by Men at work had been re-recorded and released. Interesting… Flute riff Around the time of the infamous court-case about the flute piece in Men at Work’s ‘Down Under’ I … Continue reading

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Leadership Group: New Media for a New World

Notes for afternoon workshop. 1.25 day prep, .5 day deliver .25 day followup / review *** New Media Tutorial presented by Mike Seyfang *** HOMEWORK: Google search yourself and follow the links. Would you be impressed if you were a … Continue reading

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Averting biodiversity collapse in tropical forest protected areas

Is an introduction to a paper published in Nature today. This very brief (1:49) ‘teaser’ is taken from a Skype interview with Bill Laurance (lead author) and Corey Bradshaw (one of 216 other contributors). I hope to be able to … Continue reading

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Background on MOOCs

Some hastily cobbled together notes in case I get a chance for a small group discussion with our new Vice Chancellor any time soon. Toward the end of his #UAVClecture, Prof Bebbington mentioned MOOC. For some background on the emergence … Continue reading

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Sunbirds EP launch gig – Saturday night @ the Grace Emily

From the FaceBook event invite – Grace Emily Sat July 21 The Sunbirds are releasing their debut EP “emergency christmas” and would LOVE for you to come down and celebrate our musical talents with us and some of our musically … Continue reading

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A ‘boy scout’ approach to recording Skype group video interviews

Pic of my ‘swiss army’ rig. Lucky I had my trusty iRiver .mp3 recorder in-line with my headphones and a HD video camera pointed at my MacBook Pro when recording a Skype Group Video interview with Professors Corey Bradshaw and … Continue reading

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Video and the future of language A great example of how video can transcend language (discipline) boundaries. Must write something about video as future language with reference to my ‘can video remix give us a new language for trans-disciplinary science’ piece. Then discuss with Ron … Continue reading

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#cs7020 – Notes

Notes and links for my piece of the Communicating Science course. Bookmarks to things shown in class Supercharge Your Science – tour with Bill Laurance and Corey Bradshaw (I highly recommend watching Bill’s ‘Reaching Out’ YouTube and listening to both … Continue reading

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