Background on MOOCs

Some hastily cobbled together notes in case I get a chance for a small group discussion with our new Vice Chancellor any time soon. Toward the end of his #UAVClecture, Prof Bebbington mentioned MOOC. For some background on the emergence of MOOCs as pioneered by @gsiemens @downes et al:

CCK mooc – 2008 Downes/Siemens


  • Innovating Pedagogy report (Open Uni) has great MOOC section and 9 other disruptive learning innovations. [Assessment, Badges, Learning analytics, MOOCs, e-books, Personal inquiry learning, Publisher led mini-courses, Rebirth of academic publishing, Rhizomatic learning & Seamless learning]

.mp3 version of lecture

Fang – Mike Seyfang



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One Response to Background on MOOCs

  1. Melanie says:

    Like. Really hope people start prioritising this at the Uni.

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