Averting biodiversity collapse in tropical forest protected areas

Is an introduction to a paper published in Nature today. This very brief (1:49) ‘teaser’ is taken from a Skype interview with Bill Laurance (lead author) and Corey Bradshaw (one of 216 other contributors). I hope to be able to share some of the back story to this significant endeavour in the not too distant future.


Corey and Bill publish some healthy debate.

European Commission, Environment – news alert with link to .pdf to be cited as follows. [hint: search “tropical forest nature reserves” and look for the article entitled “Areas surrounding tropical forest nature reserves also need protection” :

Areas surrounding tropical forest nature reserves also need protection 11/10/12
To preserve rich biodiversity in protected areas of tropical forests, safeguarding the surrounding area can be just as important as safeguarding the park or reserve itself. This is according to a new study, which assessed the ecological health of 60 protected areas across the tropics.”

Environment Institute an-update-on-the-biodiversity-arks-paper

One week down the track we have seen:

  • 171 views of the 90 second YouTube teaser video
  • Online press for 48hrs – about a dozen articles (one 24hr news cycle in each timezone?). Include BBC News (and tweet to 3million followers), and a nature editorial.
  • Blogs from day 2, tailing off after one week at about 44 posts tagged with biodiversity.
  • Twitter: nuts (‘biodiversity’) for first 48hrs, still mentions of ‘biodiversity + tropical’ every hour. See storify for sample. Will be interesting to count the number of institutions tweeting. 102 institutions tweeted according to analysis by Environment Institute staff.
  • My blog post 82 hits
  • Corey’s blog post 382 hits

I am trying to keep up with the online media response to this paper in this growing list.

A tiny portion of the twitter fire-hose in this storify archive.

Media referencing the University of Adelaide:

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