Leadership Group: New Media for a New World

Notes for afternoon workshop.

1.25 day prep, .5 day deliver .25 day followup / review

*** New Media Tutorial presented by Mike Seyfang ***

HOMEWORK: Google search yourself and follow the links. Would you be impressed if you were a prospective colleague, employer, funder?

BRING: Your laptop so we can do a live online tutorial

– How to use LinkedIn to advance your career and build your profile
– What is new media and why should I care?
– How do I set up a blog?
– How do I build my online profile?


  • feedback on google search homework
  • think of a single keyword that you would like to be known for in your research
  • [ ] search for self + keyword
  • discuss
  • [ ] create a google news alert (google account login is pre-req)
  • suggest: watch change in google news alert(s) as you begin to craft your digital identity
  • [ ] look at your own Staff Directory Page (adelaide.edu.au/directory/first.last)
  • look at Tanya’s staff directory page & discuss


So, what is ‘new’ media and why should you care.

  • [ ] slideshare.net/fang/ ??? (skip thru slides, play Mr Squiggle)
  • Same script as #cs7020 – mention opportunity / obligation to ‘Communicate Science’
  • [ ] look thru #cs7020 storify (tweets, pictures, audio, blog post(s))

Reasons to care:

  • Freight train(s) headed your way (see that light at the end of the tunnel…)
  • ICT / Music / HigherEd patterns
  • Open Source / Record & distribute from home / Open Access
  • (Harvard this week)
  • Open NoteBook science
  • iTunesU (Duke core concepts)
  • Textbook Free (movies tv shows songs and textbooks – image)
  • OACA – opportunity (link in my summary blog post below)
  • Can LinkedIn and Academic.edu Enhance Access to Open Repositories?

Digital Identity:

For most young people, their ‘digital identity’ consists of a trail of breadcrumbs that on average diminish their chances for career success rather than enhance them. Smart educators are beginning to teach young people to cherish and nurture their online identity.

  • Think about your google vanity search earlier
  • Imagine school leaver’s (or possibly your own) facebook trail…
  • [ ] AR&S search for your publications: adelaide.edu.au/library/
  • [ ] copy the script & e/mail to yourself
  • [ ] paste script into your staff directory page (if you are ready: login, add homepage information, category:publications, paste)
  • Pop/Sign youtube
  • Plan for your staff directory page, linkedin, facebook, youtubes, blogs, twitter etc to converge (don’t assume you can lead separate lives…). Make sure the result enhances your career prospects
  • LinkedIn discussion [my findings, Target HR, …]
  • Paul Dalby -> LinkedIn experience / his audience

Build your Online Profile

  • Write a blog post about each new paper and tweet about it
  • [ ] *short* Melissa YouTube
  • Beyond that…
  • Find your audience – 2 ears one mouth
  • [ ] discuss where people think their audience is (Paul D lead)
  • FaceBook, Google+, … where might they be?
  • think about adding google search alerts that will help you find people who are talking about your *KEYWORDs
  • [ ] search.twitter.com for your KEYWORD now “who is talking about it right now’
  • #onsci, #agchatoz – twiter hashtags
  • RSS reader
  • <<< ? [ ] optional set up google reader – add a news alert


  • Paul Dalby to facilitate next steps / committment
  • LinkedIn group (for the group) vs personal blog(s)
  • [?-Yes or No] How to set up a blog
  • Show cs7020 blogs from my gReader
  • Walk thru wordpress.com setup and hello world
  • Paul wrap-up


My summary blog post (mikese.wordpress.com/2012/06/25/communicating-your-science/)

Pop and Sign youtube

Short Melissa T youtube


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